Training and Mission Support

Linxx is first and foremost a mission support solutions provider. We assist our commercial and government customers with unique technical support areas such as Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E); distributive learning; and modeling and simulation injects. In addition we successfully provide anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism training to over 1,000 U.S. and allied students a year. In addition Linxx leverages proven internal Integrated Systems Design (ISD) and Lean Six Sigma inspired production processes to create cutting edge web- and computer-based interactive multi-media learning products. We leverage our deep bench of military, security, and law enforcement subject matter experts to access credible, specific professional experience to validate the designed training solution. Linxx trains law enforcement in counter-narcotics, computer forensics, investigative techniques, and a whole host of other skills and knowledge sets. We currently provide all these services in the United States and 15 designated high risk countries around the world.



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Corresponding Offices

Alameda, California Bangor, Washington Blackstone, Virginia Cape Cod, Massachusetts Chesapeake, Virginia El Paso Texas Gulfport, Mississippi Jacksonville, North Carolina Lackland, Texas Los Angeles, California Mayport, Florida Okinawa, Japn Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Petaluma, California Point Mugu, California Port Hueneme, California San Diego, California Virginia Beach, Virginia Yokosuka, Japan

Global Reach

Argentina - Bahrain - Bangladesh - Brazil - Burkina Faso - Burundi - Central African Republic - Chad - Egypt - India - Indonesia - Iraq - Japan - Kenya - Malaysia - Mali - Mauritania - Mexico - Niger - Nigeria - Panama - Philippines - South Sudan - Sudan - Trinidad and Tobago - Tunsia - UAE