Teaming Partner Business Profile

Depending on the competitive structure of the government’s request for proposal, Linxx acts as either a prime bidder or as a subcontractor. As a result, we are actively seeking new relationships that make us, and you, stronger. Improving our combined probability of win. If you are interested in discussing a teaming relationship, contact us by emailing [email protected] Any information provided is at your discretion and will remain confidential.

Corresponding Offices

Alameda, California Bangor, Washington Blackstone, Virginia Cape Cod, Massachusetts Chesapeake, Virginia El Paso Texas Gulfport, Mississippi Jacksonville, North Carolina Lackland, Texas Los Angeles, California Mayport, Florida Okinawa, Japn Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Petaluma, California Point Mugu, California Port Hueneme, California San Diego, California Virginia Beach, Virginia Yokosuka, Japan

Global Reach

Argentina - Bahrain - Bangladesh - Brazil - Burkina Faso - Burundi - Central African Republic - Chad - Egypt - India - Indonesia - Iraq - Japan - Kenya - Malaysia - Mali - Mauritania - Mexico - Niger - Nigeria - Panama - Philippines - South Sudan - Sudan - Trinidad and Tobago - Tunsia - UAE